May 2020 - Baseball Wiretap

David Price Giving $1,000 To Every Dodgers' Minor Leaguer

May 29, 2020 8:05 AM

David Price will pay $1,000 to every Los Angeles Dodgers minor league player in the system in the month of June, according to sources.

Price is taking the money out of his own pocket and those paid will not include players on the 40-man roster.

The Dodgers acquired Price in the Mookie Betts trade with the Boston Red Sox this offseason. He's yet to pitch for Los Angeles.

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Scott Boras Tells Clients Not To 'Bail Out' Owners

May 29, 2020 8:00 AM

Scott Boras is recommending that his clients refuse Major League Baseball's attempt to cut salaries during negotiations with the players' union.

The agent claims team financial issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic have their origin in management debt financing.

In an email, Boras wrote that players should not alter terms of the March 26 agreement between MLB and the Major League Baseball Players Association that called for players to reduce their salaries to a prorated rate based on a shortened season.

Major League Baseball proposed on Tuesday a series of tiered reductions that would cause top stars to receive the biggest cuts.

"Remember, games cannot be played without you," Boras wrote to his clients. "Players should not agree to further pay cuts to bail out the owners. Let owners take some of their record revenues and profits from the past several years and pay you the prorated salaries you agreed to accept or let them borrow against the asset values they created from the use of those profits players generated."

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Texas To Allow Fans At Pro Sports Events At 25 Percent Capacity

May 29, 2020 7:56 AM

Texas will allow outdoor pro sports events to have fans, but the numbers will be limited.

Gov. Greg Abbott revised a decision to let pro sports leagues host events without fans starting in June as part of the state's move to reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Abbott's new order allows outdoor stadiums to host fans up to 25% of their normal capacity. Leagues will have to apply to state health officials to be allowed to have fans. Indoor events will still be without spectators.


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Hundreds Of Minor League Baseball Players Cut Amid Pandemic

May 29, 2020 7:48 AM

Hundreds of Minor League players have been cut and hundreds more are expected to lose their jobs as baseball grapples with the near certainty that the minor league season will be canceled, according to sources.

Club officials said a vast majority of the players likely would have been released toward the end of spring training even if baseball hadn't been halted by the coronavirus pandemic.

In recent weeks, owners of minor league teams have begun laying off front-office and game-day workers and citing the cancellation of the season as the reason.

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Trevor Bauer Asks Scott Boras To Keep 'Agenda' Out Of MLB, MLBPA Talks

May 28, 2020 8:49 AM

As Major League Baseball and the MLBPA continue to negotiate the structure of a potential 2020 season, one player is asking a prominent agent to keep his personal agenda out of the talks.

Trevor Bauer called out Scott Boras on Twitter this week.

"Hearing a LOT of rumors about a certain player agent meddling in MLBPA affairs. If true — and at this point, these are only rumors — I have one thing to say... Scott Boras, rep your clients however you want to, but keep your damn personal agenda out of union business," the Cincinnati Reds right-hander wrote.

Boras has been outspoken during the negotiations and there's no doubt he carries significant influence.

Dayn Perry/CBS Sports

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Max Scherzer: 'No Reason To Engage' MLB About Pay Reductions

May 28, 2020 8:45 AM

Max Scherzer tweeted out a Notes App screenshot on Wednesday to express his thoughts on the issue of Major League Baseball's return-to-play proposal.

He echoed the thoughts of his fellow players, who were irked by MLB's desire to significantly reduce salaries.

Owners proposed a tiered salary structure where the highest-paid players would possibly see less than 40 percent of the salaries that players already agreed to prorate after the season had been delayed.

"After discussing the latest developments with the rest of the players there's no reason to engage with MLB in any further compensation reductions," Scherzer wrote.

"We have previously negotiated a pay cut in the version of prorated salaries, and there's no justification to accept a 2nd pay cut based upon the current information the union has received."

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MLBPA To Counter MLB Proposal With More Games, Full Prorated Salaries

May 28, 2020 8:38 AM

The Major League Baseball Players Association expects to counter the league's economic proposal with a plan that includes more than 100 games and a guarantee of full prorated salaries for the 2020 season, according to sources.

The counter proposal is expected to come by the end of the week.

MLB's first proposal on Tuesday upset players. It included severe reductions in pay.

Jeff Passan/ESPN

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Marcus Stroman: The 'Season Is Not Looking Promising'

May 27, 2020 8:50 AM

In the wake of Tuesday's Major League Baseball proposal to the players, some have become pessimistic about the 2020 season being played at all.

MLB's economic plan called for major salary reductions, especially among the game's highest-paid stars.

Marcus Stroman, Brett Anderson and Jack Flaherty immediately reacted to the latest proposal.

Stroman said the "season is not looking promising."

The two sides are expected to continue dialogue this week with the Players Association now set to submit a counter-proposal.

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Players Balk At MLB's Proposal To Cut Salaries

May 27, 2020 8:41 AM

Major League Baseball presented an economic proposal to the players' union on Tuesday that was immediately met with negativity.

According to sources, the proposal called for a significant cut in salaries that would affect all players and particularly baseball's highest paid stars.

The long-awaited plan, which kicked off negotiations about a return to baseball, proposed a marginal salary structure in which the lowest-paid players would receive close to a full share of their prorated salary and the game's stars receive far less than expected.

The plan also included an 82-game schedule that would begin in early July after a 21-day spring training. Teams would play three exhibition games in the final week before starting a regular season that would finish Sept. 27.

The MLB Players Association said in a statement: "The proposal involves massive additional pay cuts and the union is extremely disappointed. We're also far apart on health & safety protocols."

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Dodgers Implementing Salary Cuts To Avoid Furloughs, Layoffs

May 27, 2020 8:35 AM

The Los Angeles Dodgers will implement a system of tiered salary cuts instead of imposing furloughs or layoffs on full-time employees due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The salary cuts -- which will range from 0 to 35% or more for top executives and will start June 1 -- will affect only full-time employees making more than $75,000 a year, according to sources.

In a statement, the Dodgers said higher-paid employees will take a larger share of the reductions.

"This plan allows us to avoid organization-wide furloughs and to preserve hundreds of jobs," the statement said.

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Athletics To Have Furloughs, Salary Cuts

Alden Gonzalez/ESPN

Dodger Stadium Opens As Coronavirus Testing Facility

Alden Gonzalez/ESPN

MLBPA Expected To Propose Deferred Payments On Prorated Salaries

Chuck Garfien/NBC Sports Chicago

Angels Make Significant Cuts To Scouting Department

R.J. Anderson/CBS Sports

Jung Ho Kang Suspended One Year By KBO For Past DUIs


Japanese Baseball To Start June 19 Without Fans

Associated Press

Rays Open Tropicana Field For Limited Workouts


Mike Trout Rookie Card Sells For $900,000

Darren Rovell/Action Network

Rays' Prospect Brent Honeywell Has Elbow Procedure

Associated Press

MLBPA Asks For More Coronavirus Testing Than Currently Proposed

Associated Press

Gabe Kapler Thinks Not Spitting Will Be 'Tremendous Challenge'

Mark W. Sanchez/KNBR

Chris Sale Says Astros Scandal Was Blown 'Out Of Proportion'

Marly Rivera/ESPN

Tom Glavine: Players Could Take Blame If Season Is Called Off


Some Players Hoping For Loosening Of Restrictions In Health Proposal

Jesse Rogers/ESPN

MLB Wants To Finish 2020 Postseason By Early November

Jon Heyman/MLB Network

MLB, MLBPA Talks Progressing Toward Deal For 2020 Season

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Alex Bregman Cuts Ties With Klutch Sports Agent

Houston Chronicle

Nationals To Unveil World Series Rings On Sunday


Stadium Official Claims A's Haven't Made Annual Rent Payment


Angels Will Furlough Some Employees On June 1

Alden Gonzalez/ESPN