Seattle Mariners Front Office

Mariners Set On Contending In 2018
The Mariners missed the playoffs this year, but remain committed to expanding their current core.
Mariners To Handle Felix Hernandez Differently Next Season
The Mariners will send Felix Hernandez to the mound for shorter stints with potentially more rest between starts in an effort to keep him healthy next season.
Draft: First-Round Order For 2018
The Tigers will first pick in next year's draft.
Draft: Current 2018 MLB Draft Order
We could still see some significant shuffling at the top of the draft order over the final week of the regular season.
Three Teams Plan To Extend Safety Netting Before 2018 Season
A line drive off the bat of Todd Frazier on Wednesday hit a young girl in the face in less than a second, and the game came to a halt as she was treated in the stands.
Draft: Current 2018 MLB Draft Order
Free Agency: Tracking Possible Vesting Options For 2018
Draft: Current 2018 MLB Draft Order
Draft: Current 2018 MLB Draft Order
Cubs Acquire Leonys Martin From Mariners

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Mariners Analysis

A Beautiful Mess: On The Crazy AL Wild Card Race

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Only three teams are truly out of the Wild Card race, which will make the finals weeks of the season a glorious mess. Here's how we're sorting it out.

Earliest Returns: Mid-April MLB Awards

by John Watson

Oh, the joys of early-season baseballing. An average player morphs into a baseball deity before your very eyes.

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