Babe Ruth Yankees Jersey Sells For Record $5.64M At Auction
The Babe Ruth jersey sold at auction dates to around the 1928-30 period.
Yu Darvish: Return To Dodger Stadium 'A Big Deal'
Yu Darvish will take the mound at Dodgers Stadium on Saturday night against his old teammates.
Angles Designate Cody Allen For Assignment
Cody Allen has a 6.26 ERA over 23 innings in his first season with the Angels.
Zack Greinke: Throwing No-Hitter Would Be 'A Hassle'
Zack Greinke has made 429 Major League starts, but he's never thrown a no-hitter.
Ben Zobrist Could Return To Cubs This Season
Theo Epstein says there's a path for Ben Zobrist to return to the Cubs this season.
Shohei Ohtani Becomes First Japanese Player To Hit For Cycle
Tommy Pham: All-Star Process 'Never Going To Be Fair'
Tigers Open To Dealing Veterans At Deadline
Indians Wouldn't Rule Out Trading Trevor Bauer To Twins
Cody Bellinger Leads All-Star Voting In National League

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Baseball Analysis

Sense And Sensibility: Craig Kimbrel Is A Cub

by John Watson

Simply put, the Cubs have needed bullpen help, probably as much as any team in baseball, especially given the difficulties of playing in the most difficult division in baseball this year.

Twin Peaks: Riding High In Minnesota

by John Watson

The Twins had one of the better offseasons in the American League, and now they're having the second best regular season. The real question is whether they will be able to continue winning at this rate.

Raking Bad: On Cleveland And Bad Decisions

by John Watson

The Indians are far from out of the running, but their offense has been entirely offensive to watch. There were plenty of ways to prevent this situation from happening, they just would have been too expensive.

Everybody Hurts: On The Yankees And Their Many Injuries

by John Watson

The Yankees have endured an ungodly number of injuries to start 2019. How have they done it? By actually being ready for it, and then by getting a little lucky.

On MLB's Tenuous Labor Situation And Recent Extension Glut

by John Watson

Teams are leveraging the fact that free agency isn't working in the favor of players due to the aging curve and signing the best players to extensions that will only pay them for their prime years.

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