Chris Sale addressed the cheating scandals involving the 2017 Houston Astros and 2018 Boston Red Sox during an interview with ESPN's Marly Rivera.

Sale's Red Sox lost to the Astros in the 2017 ALDS before winning the 2018 World Series. Alex Cora is connected to both clubs, having been a bench coach for Houston and manager for Boston.

"I lost zero respect for AC. And look at what I did in 2017, in the playoffs. In the ALDS, you have to win three games, which means you can only lose two," Sale said. "I lost two of those three games to the Astros that were cheating, right? The very next year, AC comes over to us and we won the World Series, and I learned who he is.

"Maybe I'm different, but I believe everyone blew this thing out of proportion."

Sale will miss the entire 2020 season after undergoing Tommy John surgery.