Scott Boras is recommending that his clients refuse Major League Baseball's attempt to cut salaries during negotiations with the players' union.

The agent claims team financial issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic have their origin in management debt financing.

In an email, Boras wrote that players should not alter terms of the March 26 agreement between MLB and the Major League Baseball Players Association that called for players to reduce their salaries to a prorated rate based on a shortened season.

Major League Baseball proposed on Tuesday a series of tiered reductions that would cause top stars to receive the biggest cuts.

"Remember, games cannot be played without you," Boras wrote to his clients. "Players should not agree to further pay cuts to bail out the owners. Let owners take some of their record revenues and profits from the past several years and pay you the prorated salaries you agreed to accept or let them borrow against the asset values they created from the use of those profits players generated."