February 2008 - Baseball Wiretap

Kent: Baseball Needs 'Airtight Drug Policy'

Feb 29, 2008 5:12 PM

Jeff Kent refuses to talk about either Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds, but he has expressed his opinion on performance-enhancing drugs in MLB. The second baseman believes that baseball needs an "airtight" drug policy, according to the Associated Press. "The people who have a say are trying to clean the game up," Kent said Friday. "I'm happy for it, I really am. It needs it. If they're going to run over a few players along the way, well, that's what's happening." Refusing to comment on either Clemens or Bonds, Kent has this to say, "For me to make comments won't help the process. It's going pretty good. It's getting there, absolutely. I just wish it would come to an end soon. In order for that to happen, we need an airtight drug policy. You can't just say better than anyone else. That's not an airtight policy."


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Reds' SS Gonzalez Has Broken Knee

Feb 29, 2008 5:08 PM

Reds' shortstop Alex Gonzalez will miss an undisclosed amount of time after being diagnosed with a broken knee, according to the Associated Press. He was supposed to miss just a few weeks after complaining of soreness in the knee. After an examination on Friday the team's head doctor discovered a compression fracture.


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Hank Steinbrenner Denounces Red Sox Nation

Feb 29, 2008 5:03 PM

Hank Steinbrenner is starting to sound more and more like his father George. His latest candid comments were directed at the rival Red Sox and their fans. "Red Sox Nation?" What a bunch of [expletive] that is," he told The New York Times' Play magazine. "That was a creation of the Red Sox and ESPN, which is filled with Red Sox fans." "Go anywhere in America and you won't see Red Sox hats and jackets; you'll see Yankee hats and jackets. This is a Yankee country. We're going to put the Yankees back on top and restore the universe to order."


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Big Papi Ready To Renegotiate

Feb 29, 2008 1:14 PM

David Ortiz is eating healthier and taking his fitness more serious as he starts to age. He is looking for a long-term deal that will allow him to finish his career in Boston and possibly get his number retired. Ortiz? current deal, which he signed in April 2006, runs through 2010 with a team option for 2011. In each of the seasons, he?s slated to make $12.5 million per year. Ortiz was third in RealGM's season FIC with a score of 330, which only trailed Alex Rodriguez's 399 and Magglio Ordonez's 340. Ortiz had a Reina Value of +63%, making $13.25 million but 'deserving' $21.6 million. ?Yeah, we?re going to renegotiate. This organization, they?ve been happy with what I?ve been doing,? said Ortiz, who noted that no talks have been broached regarding an extension. ?Anything can happen, but if they see you trying to do your thing and do what you?ve got to do, the time will come. Before my contract is over I would like to renegotiate so that I can stick around. This is my team. This is it right here. ?When I finish my contract I?ll be 34, turning 35 two months after the end of the season. (Getting another deal) is motivation. You want to get to the point where you have happy people around you and people don?t say anything bad about you. . . . The market (when the contract was signed) wasn?t like it is right now. I did what I was supposed to. They offer me $60 million, so what am I supposed to do, say no? Because I?m David Ortiz, and I?m Superman? I?ve got my kids and my family to take care of. Now my kids are taken care of.?

Boston Herald

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Jays Decide Bonds Isn't A Fit For Club

Feb 29, 2008 1:07 PM

J.P. Ricciardi was intrigued by what Barry Bonds could bring to the Toronto Blue Jays. But ultimately, he isn't a fit because of where he would play. They already have a DH in Frank Thomas, who couldn't play first base, while Bonds would be a liability in left field. According to a person close to the organization, the conversation "didn't last five minutes" among Ricciardi, his assistants, and team President Paul Godfrey.

Toronto Star

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Cabrera And Tigers To Talk Long-Term Deal?

Feb 29, 2008 12:59 PM

Miguel Cabrera and the Detroit Tigers are discussing a long-term contract extension. "I'd like to stay here. I'd love to play for this team for a lot of years,'' Cabrera told SI.com. "I'll learn a lot of baseball here. They've got a lot of experience here and a great manager.'' Fern Cuza, agent for Cabrera, will arrive in Lakeland next week. "We've known him for a long time and we like him a great deal," Dave Dombrowski said. "We think he's a great player and want him as part of our organization for years to come." Cabrera could receive $20 million per year over eight-years, though it's not out of the question that he could receive a 10-year, $200 million contract.


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Rowand Would Love Crede In San Francisco

Feb 29, 2008 12:17 PM

Count Aaron Rowand as someone who wants to see the Giants acquire Joe Crede. "Joe's a great guy and a great baseball player and a great friend, so ... would I like to have him on this team? Of course," Rowand said Thursday. "I'm definitely biased, not only friendship-wise, but as a player, too, because I think the world of him." The Giants are interested in adding Crede and the White Sox would like to make room at third base for Josh Fields.

Chicago Sun-Times

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Bonds' Lawyers To Make Request For Dismissal

Feb 29, 2008 10:32 AM

Lawyers for Barry Bonds are set to make a request for the dismissal of the perjury charges against the home run king, according to ESPN.com. They planned on making the request to a U.S. District Court Judge on Friday. Bonds maintains that he hopes to play baseball this season.


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Yankee Legend Murcer Battling Cancer Again

Feb 29, 2008 10:25 AM

Yankees legend Bobby Murcer will undergo tests early next week to determine whether or not his brain cancer has returned, according to ESPN.com. He had an MRI this week that revealed "an area that doctors are concerned about" according to his wife. Despite the bad news, Murcer maintains that he will announce the full docket of Yankee regular season games this year.


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Fehr Would Consider Okaying Reliable HGH Test

Feb 28, 2008 6:16 PM

Donald Fehr, the leader of the MLB Players' union, would consider approving a blood test for human growth hormone if it was considered reliable, according to the Associated Press. "If and when a blood test is available and it can be signed and validated by people other than those that are trying to sell it to you, then we'd have to take a hard look at it," Fehr said Thursday. "We'd have to see what it is and try to make a judgment as to whether it is fair and appropriate."


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Pettitte Prepared To Talk To DOJ If Needed
Andy Pettitte is prepared to talk to the Department of Justice if called upon but is trying to focus on baseball.



Reds May Use Bailey And Cueto In Long Relief
The Reds have a trio of talented young starters in Johnny Cueto, Homer Bailey and Edinson Volquez.

Cincinnati Enquirer

All Parties Expect Roberts At Wrigley
Ronny Cedeno, Sean Gallagher and a third player are expected to be dealt to Baltimore for Brian Roberts.

Baltimore Sun

Cubs Interested In Coco Crisp?
The Chicago Cubs are high on Felix Pie, who is leading the chase for the centerfield position over Sam Fuld, but they are considering a trade for Coco Crisp.

Chicago Tribune

Rockies Sign Corpas To Contract Extension
The Colorado Rockies agreed to terms with pitcher Manny Corpas on a four-year extension on Wednesday.

The Rocky Mountain News

Cubs' DeRosa To Undergo Heart Procedure
Cubs' second baseman Mark DeRosa is set to undergo a heart procedure on Thursday that will correct his chronic irregular heartbeat.


Cardinals Cut Spiezio After Arrest Warrant
The St. Louis Cardinals cut Scott Spiezio on Wednesday after a six-count arrest warrant led to charges this week.


Castro's Resignation To Change Baseball Climate?
Fidel Castro's resignation could have ripple effects in the world of Major League Baseball.


Rockies Decide Against Deal With Perez
The Colorado Rockies have decided against a minor league deal with Neifi Perez worth $750,000.


WADA Advises MLB To Use Outside Testing
The World Anti-Doping Agency has advised Major League Baseball to use an outside testing agency for performance-enhancing drugs.


Report: Minaya Nixed Hiring Of McNamee
Brian McNamee was close to being hired by the New York Mets last season, but Omar Minaya vetoed the decision.


Crede's Back Looks Good As Giants Trade Talk Gains Steam
"The only thing I can control is my health," said Joe Crede.

Chicago Sun-Times

Freddy Garcia Shows Up At Boston Camp Looking For Work
Freddy Garcia is recovering from a torn labrum and is not expected to be available to pitch until June or July.

Boston Herald

Police Issue Warrant For Spiezio On Six Charges
The Irvine Police Department has issued an arrest warrant for Scott Spiezio on six charges.


Congress Asks DOJ To Investigate Clemens
Congress has reason to believe Roger Clemens possibly "committed perjury and made knowingly false statements" to a House committee.


2008 Season Preview: San Francisco Giants
Because expectations are so modest, the Giants season will be termed a success if just two things happen. But developing a fringe All-Star hitter has been an impossibility for this franchise.

Christopher Reina/RealGM

Phillies Name Myers Opening Day Starter
Phillies' Manager Charlie Manuel has named Brett Myers the team's Opening Day starter.


Cubs Owner Willing To Sell Wrigley Naming Rights
Sam Zell of the Tribune Company said on Wednesday that he isn't against selling the naming rights to Wrigley Field.


Piniella Thinks DeRosa Will Return Monday
Lou Piniella expects that second baseman Mark DeRosa will return to the Cubs on Monday.