According to Tim Wendel of ESPN, Fidel Castro's resignation could have ripple effects in the world of Major League Baseball. Cuban players will begin to come over to the United States in large numbers once again and the country could even host a Triple-A or major league team. As a scout once told Wendel, "If Cuba hadn't gone communist, the academies in the D.R., all of that, wouldn't have happened. We'd have just kept going to Cuba for players." "Short-term, baseball continues as it is in Cuba," said Milton Jamail, a consultant for the Tampa Bay Rays and the author of "Full Count: Inside Cuban Baseball." "But when a new government, and system, comes into place, then the questions will start. Do they want to be like Mexico and essentially own all their players and then sell them to the major leagues? Is Cuba going to follow the examples of the Dominican Republic and Venezuela, where they help develop players but they don't really get that much in return?"