Randy Johnson lasted only three and a third innings, and the Blue Jays thrashed him on their way to a 10-5 victory at the Rogers Center. They swung so confidently, the Yankees wondered if they knew what was coming. "We'll sit down and watch tomorrow to see if he was tipping," catcher Kelly Stinnett said. "We really don't know. You get in the heat of battle and things happen. He might have been squeezing his glove on a slider or squeezing it on a fastball. We don't know." "It was bad everything," Johnson said, before referring to the pitching coach Ron Guidry. "Gator came out a couple of times and said my arm was dropping a little bit. It's just one of those games where you take it on the chin. We'll work extremely hard and be ready for my next start. We'll be facing these guys again soon."