One final shot. One last chance. That is what Reds' shortstop great Dave Concepcion is facing when it comes to his eligibility for election to the Baseball Hall of Fame on the writers' ballot. Players are limited to 15 years on the ballot, and this is year No. 15 for the man that wore No. 13 in Cincinnati. Not only was Concepcion a member of the legendary "Big Red Machine" that won four pennants -- including World Series championships in 1975-76 -- he is viewed as a trailblazing pioneer for generations of Latino ballplayers enjoying thriving careers. Among those inspired by Concepcion's dazzling skills were two other No. 13's, ranging from Ozzie Guillen to another defensive great Omar Vizquel. "I used to see every move he made," Vizquel once said of Concepcion. "For me, that was like a school. Just watching him during the game was a big inspiration for me."