Some current and former members of the Mariners are disputing the claim of former Seattle outfielder Shane Monahan that the clubhouse culture led him to use steroids and amphetamines with the hopes of lengthening his major league career. Monahan openly admitted to that he used performance-enhancing drugs. His claims didn't sit well with current Mariner Raul Ibanez and longtime Seattle pitcher Jamie Moyer, who played for the Philadelphia Phillies in 2007. "It's amazing to me that a guy like Shane -- a guy who was up and down at best and had a very limited cup of coffee with us -- would be able to know what was going on," Ibanez told The Seattle Times. "I was up and down like he was. I was in that same boat that he was in, and everyone makes their choice." Ibanez told the paper that his workout regimen, not steroids, have helped him remain a major league player. "In 10 years, I've never seen a person take a steroid," Ibanez told the Seattle Times. "I've never had anyone come to me in a major-league clubhouse and offer me any." Moyer echoed Ibanez's statements. "I choose not to get involved with all of that stuff," Moyer told the paper. "We're all grown men of many different ages. If he's throwing people under the bus, that's his choice, but it disappoints me."