Don?t expect Carlos Pena to sign a long-term deal with the Rays this winter. His agent certainly doesn?t sound like he expects that to happen. Scott Boras predicted tonight that Pena and the Rays will settle on a one-year contract for 2008, whether it comes through the arbitration process or is agreed to ahead of time. ?He?s got two years to go before he?s a free agent, and normally those types of situations are one where they end up doing a one-year deal,? Boras said in the lobby at the Opryland Resort. Boras is known for taking his clients to the open market at the first possible opportunity, avoiding deals that will buy out the first couple of years of free agency for a chance to play teams off against one another in a bidding process. Though he said he would be ?all ears? to anything the Rays might throw his way, he indicated he didn?t expect the Rays to come up with a longer-term offer that would adequately compensate Pena for his ?phenomenal? 2007 season and his potential production in coming years.