Eight Oakland City Council members will cast nonbinding votes for a proposed $12 billion development and ballpark plan on Tuesday morning.

An affirmative vote will simply keep the ambitious project alive; but a dissenting vote will kick-start the Oakland Athletics' relocation efforts, per the club.

"Our future in Oakland is hanging in the balance," president Dave Kaval said, "and we are doing everything we can to get a 'yes' vote tomorrow on our plan and keep the A's rooted in Oakland. But we don't know if we're gonna get a positive vote. There's still a lot of areas we're apart significantly with the city, and we go into the vote not knowing how it's gonna play out."

A two-decade-long process to secure a new stadium in the Bay Area has reached what Rob Manfred referred to as "the end" prior to last week's All-Star Game.

There have been unsuccessful proposals in San Jose, Fremont and multiple sites in Oakland.