The Chicago Cubs pulled Kyle Schwarber from Sunday's game after he played a double into a triple against the Minnesota Twins.

"I think the guy shouldn't have gotten to third base there," Schwarber said after Chicago's 4-0 loss. "It put Yu [Darvish] in a tough spot. ... I put him in a bad spot there. I put the team in a bad spot there. Have to learn from it and move on."

The Twins' Jake Cave led off the top of the second inning and hit a ball off the left-field wall, which Schwarber said he "over-pursued." Cave kept running as the Cubs veteran slowly tracked down the ball, which bounced back in front of him. His throw to third was late. Cave later scored.

Schwarber didn't come out to play the field the next inning. Cameron Maybin took his place in the lineup.

"It's not the ideal way to learn from it, but I think I can take a lot of different punches," Schwarber said. "I pride myself in being a team guy and a guy who's going to play 120 percent every play."