Kris Bryant sprained his right ankle after landing awkwardly on a wet first-base bag while trying to beat a double play on Sunday at Wrigley Field.

An MRI on Monday revealed a Grade 2 sprain, according to a source. The Chicago Cubs may not have Bryant for the final six games of the regular season.

While speaking to the Chicago Sun-Times, Scott Boras questioned why Major League officials haven't done more to ensure player safety.

Bryce Harper, another one of the agent's clients, suffered a significant bone bruise and hyperextended knee when he slipped on a wet base in August 2017.

"What have they done since Harper? The answer is nothing," Boras told the Sun Times. "They're focused on other factors, economic factors, all things relating to how they can administer the game, and yet the safety of players and resolution of this issue has gone without any attention.

"The integrity of our game is going to [be] damaged when the safety of players is not at the forefront, and Major League Baseball has dropped the ball on the wet bag subject."