The Chicago Cubs hold a pair of $16.5 million options on Anthony Rizzo's contract for the next two seasons.

The club options were included in the original seven-year, $41 million deal Rizzo signed during his first full Major League season.

Rizzo would like another multiyear deal, but doesn't feel urgency to negotiate with the Cubs.

"I could. I don't have to. I'm set, financially," he said. "I do want to stay here. I do want to be a Cub.

"But this is a business, and it's as cutthroat as ever, right now especially. All sports, not just baseball."

The free agent market has moved slowly in each of the past two winters.

"It's not like we don't have a good relationship to talk and engage and see where we're at," Rizzo said. "We've spoken before a little bit, kind of picked each other's brains here and there. But there's not much urgency to get it done. Would I like to? Of course. Who wouldn't?

"But winning cures all of that. Let's figure out ways to win, keep building on this [division] lead and have a good road trip."