A young fan at Wednesday's Chicago Cubs-Houston Astros game was struck by an Albert Almora Jr. foul ball and taken to the hospital.

The Cubs center fielder was very shaken up afterward.

Almora hit a fourth-inning line drive into the stands down the third-base line, where it struck the girl. She was picked up by a man who appeared to be with her, and he dashed up the stairs with the child at Minute Maid Park.

It took several minutes for Almora to compose himself and continue the at-bat, and players from both teams also appeared shaken up by the scene.

"I had to try to keep my composure during that at-bat, but when that half-inning was over, I just couldn't hold it anymore," Almora said.

After the fourth inning, Almora, who still appeared upset, approached a security guard in the stands near where the girl was sitting and spoke to the guard before the two embraced and a tearful Almora went back to the dugout. He said he was updated on the girl's condition.

"Unofficial things," Almora said of what the two shared. "I wish I could say more."