The Cleveland Indians' bullpen melted down in the ninth inning on Tuesday night, allowing the Cincinnati Reds to score seven runs.

Cody Allen hit a batter to lead off the ninth, then allowed two singles and a double. With two outs and the bases loaded after two more walks, Terry Francona wanted a new reliever to close it out.

Francona said afterward there was a miscommunication. He requested "OP" -- Oliver Perez -- and it was understood as "OT," Dan Otero's nickname, and Otero was told to warm up in the bullpen.

Tuesday marked the fourth time in five days that Otero took the mound.

"When I saw OT coming through the gate, it was not the guy I was expecting," Francona told reporters.

Pitching coach Carl Willis said he was responsible for calling the bullpen to warm up Otero instead of Perez.

"I made the mistake. I brought the wrong guy up," Willis said. "Not that [Otero] can't get the job done; just wasn't the right matchup."