Major League Baseball boosted its drug test total 25 percent this past season.

Baseball's independent public administrator said there were 10,237 tests of players on 40-man major league rosters, including 8,235 urine samples for performance-enhancing substances, stimulants and the drug DHEA, and 2,002 blood samples for human growth hormone.

That was up from 8,281 tests over the previous year.

Two major leaguers had positive tests for banned stimulants, one each for Adderall and D-Amphetamine. The players were not identified because the penalty for first offenses for stimulants and the drug DHEA is six additional urine tests over the next year, rather than a suspension.

There were five positive tests for performance-enhancing drugs that resulted in 80-game suspensions: Starling Marte, Elniery Garcia, David Paulino, Joseph Colon and Joan Gregorio.