Adrian Gonzalez criticized the organizers of the World Baseball Classic after Mexico's exit from the tournament on Wednesday.

"They're trying to become the World Cup, but they're not even close to being the Little League World Series," Gonzalez said.

Mexico beat Venezuela 11-9 Sunday in Guadalajara, leaving both teams tied with Italy for second in Group D behind Puerto Rico (3-0). The World Baseball Classic Twitter account initially announced Monday's tiebreaker game would be between Mexico and Italy. But the WBC technical committee determined the tiebreaker -- runs allowed per defensive inning -- meant Italy (1.05) and Venezuela (1.11) advanced and not Mexico (1.12).

The Mexican Baseball Federation objected that the ninth inning of last Thursday's game between Mexico and Italy should count as a partial inning, even though Italy scored five runs without Mexico getting any outs. Italy won that first-round game 10-9.

Gonzalez, who has played in four WBCs, said he won't play in any more.