Joe Girardi, who is entering his 10th season as manager of the New York Yankees, isn't under contract past this year.

The Yankees have only played in one playoff game the last four years, but Girardi isn't concerned about his contract status.

"To be in one place for 10 years, where my kids have basically been in the same place, it's hard to believe," said Girardi, who consistently bounced around the Major Leagues as a player.

Girardi twice before has entered the final year of his Yankees contract without an extension, ending up with his current four-year, $16 million deal in 2013.

"God is going to put me where he wants me, bottom line," he said. "What I dreamed about (as a player), it was nothing like I thought it was going to be. And it turned out to be great. What I thought I would do as a manager turned out different. I went to Florida on a three-year deal and was there one year. I never thought I would be here as quickly as I was. That's why I don't worry about it."