The Arizona Diamondbacks have filed suit against the Maricopa County Stadium District to ask for the removal of a clause in their contract that prevents the team from exploring other stadium options.

The issue is the $135 million in capital improvements that the Diamondbacks say the county must make to Chase Field. The team's lease prevents the team from talking with outside groups until 2024 and for the team to play at Chase Field until 2028.

Chase Field is owned by the county.

"It is extremely unfortunate that we have been forced to take action today following several years of attempts to resolve this matter out of court," managing partner Ken Kendrick said.

"We have made a promise to our fans, who have been partners with us on the building of this stadium and our franchise, to provide the best experience in all of baseball in a safe and welcoming environment. The inability of the Maricopa County Stadium District to fulfill its commitments has left us with no other option."