Major League Baseball has always had its doomsayers. Well, maybe not always, but certainly in the past several decades. For one reason or another, baseball has been a dying sport. Except it has never died. And it's not about to die now because of the Mitchell Report. The report, baseball's critics said instantly, deals a severe blow to the game's integrity, and fans will write off the game because players cheated on a wholesale scale. Even Commissioner Bud Selig, in the past few years, has raised the integrity issue. He overruled his aides and ordered the investigation to protect baseball's integrity. According to MLB figures, every team currently shows an increase in ticket sales compared with the corresponding time the previous offseason. That's pretty remarkable considering that the final 2007 season attendance ? 79.5 million ? was a major league record. Season attendance was 76 million in 2006, 74.7 million in 2005, 73 million in 2004 and 67.6 million in 2003, the last year the attendance did not set a record.