Phil Hughes lost his debut on Thursday night 6-0 to the Jays, while being outpitched by an A.J. Burnett with electric stuff. "The best thing was the way (Phil) challenged people," Yankees manager Joe Torre said. "His command wasn't the way it's going to be. Being the first start may have factored in. But tonight you also have to give the other pitcher credit." While Hughes showed understandable first-inning jitters, the combination of a 96 m.p.h. fastball, a curveball that he can clearly throw for strikes, along with a solid changeup, means he should be afforded another chance. But Torre wouldn't commit to what seemed an obvious decision. "I didn't see anything other than composure," Torre said. "He's going to be a special kid. He's not afraid to go after people with his fastball." Andy Pettitte's turn in the rotation was skipped in order for Hughes to skip facing the Red Sox. "The Red Sox always bring the carnival atmosphere," Torre said. "I didn't think it was necessary to subject Phil to that."