Gary Thorne, who calls games for the Mid Atlantic Sports Network, found himself in a controversy over comments he made about Curt Schilling during Wednesday's game between the Orioles and Red Sox. Thorne said on the air that Boston catcher Doug Mirabelli had told him that the blood on Schilling's sock during the 2004 American League Championship Series was fake, more a publicity stunt than badge of courage. One day later -- after another chat with Mirabelli -- Thorne attempted to stifle the furor by admitting that he was wrong. "He said one thing, and I heard something else," said Thorne of the earlier conversation, which happened a year or two ago. "I reported what I heard and what I honestly felt was said. Having talked with him today, there's no doubt in my mind that's not what he said [and] that's not what he meant. "He explained why in the context of the sarcasm and the jabbing that goes on in the clubhouse, [and] that I understand. I took it as something serious, and it wasn't."