Tim Anderson put together a disappointing season in the final guaranteed year of the six-year, $25 million extension he signed in March 2017.

The deal came with a pair of club option years, with the 2024 option worth $12.5 million (with a $1 million buyout). 

"All I can do is understand whatever process it is and live with it," Anderson said. "It's not my decision if I want to stay or leave. I just have to hang with them. I mean I would love to [stay], but I understand if I don’t fit into what they are trying to do."

Anderson could also consider a new defensive position, a potential move to second base.

"Really, at this point, it doesn't matter. I'm a shortstop/second baseman," Anderson said. "It's whatever to allow my career to keep going. I'm not going to wrestle with a team that I'm this or I'm that. It's just an honor and a blessing to fit in any lineup as a starter considering how hard this game is. Short would be my first choice, but I also understand how older guys are viewed, now that I'm stepping into that phase, which sucks and is different. I just want to continue to keep building on what I started and get back to what I used to be."