The New York Mets have set a Major League record with 106 hit batters this season.

New York has been hit one more time than the 2021 Cincinnati Reds.

The mark was set when Mark Canha was hit twice and Luis Guillorme once in Wednesday's 6-0 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers.

"It's like a broken record at this point," Canha said. "We just kind of roll our eyes when it happens now and move on. There's nothing you can do except capitalize on it, make it hurt, and it's all you can do. Yeah, sure, we're frustrated. It's like not a great thing to happen to your team."

Buck Showalter has repeatedly complained about the amount of times his players have been hit. 

"I'm closer to the plate and I don't move," Canha said. "We have a lot of good hitters, dangerous hitters, and you have to pitch good hitters in, and we tend to get hit a lot."

A record 2,112 batters were hit last year, topping the 1,984 in 2019. Batters were hit 1,875 times entering Wednesday with two weeks remaining.