The Tampa Bay Rays' plan to split their home schedule with the city of Montreal was scrapped by Major League Baseball earlier this week.

Stuart Sternberg called the decision "flat-out deflating."

The Rays spent more than two years focused on what was called a "sister city" proposal, believing it to be the best path toward increasing revenue without permanently relocating the franchise. 

"We're certainly gonna be exploring things in the Tampa Bay region," Sternberg said.

"I've said since I've owned the team for 17 years that our goal has been to keep it here for generations and generations. We have tried in the past to build in St. Petersburg, we've tried to build full season in Tampa, as well, so the idea that it wouldn't work completely is not necessarily the way our approach has been. We felt this [the 'sister city' plan] was a much better approach, and something that ensured that it would work. We'll see how the stands look this year and the support we get, and that's gonna help inform us, as well, going forward on our plans."