Shortly after locking out players Thursday amid failed collective bargaining agreement talks, Major League Baseball scrubbed all remnants of player likenesses off its official properties such as, replacing player photos with generic silhouettes.

Soon after, players started to change their profile pictures on Twitter to the generic player silhouettes in solidarity and as a response to the league's action.

The decision to do so was not an organized, calculated move but rather started off as a joke in a small player text group chat.

"It was just being silly," Mets pitcher Trevor Williams said. "It's a meme. When you think about it, by us posting a picture of what MLB does, we're doubling down on what they're doing. It's not supposed to be serious."

During a news conference Thursday morning, commissioner Rob Manfred said the league was legally obligated to remove all player likenesses because of the lack of a collective bargaining agreement.