Francisco Lindor has started drawing boos at Citi Field just a few weeks after agreeing to a $341 million contract with the New York Mets.

The shortstop is hitting just .203 with three RBI through 19 games.

"It's interesting and it's funny, and it sucks," Lindor said. "It doesn't feel right, for sure. Interesting because it's the first time that it happened in my career. And funny because I'm getting booed and people think I'm going to go home and just think, oh, why am I getting booed? I get it. They're booing because there's no results. That's it.

"They expect results, I expect results and I get it, you know? It's part of the job. People expect results, and they're booing because there are no results. I just hope they cheer and jump on the field when I start hitting home runs and start helping the team on a daily basis a lot more than I'm doing right now."