Trey Mancini received a standing ovation and applause from both dugouts Sunday during his first live at-bat after missing all of last season while recovering from Stage 3 colon cancer.

After tipping his cap in acknowledgement of the applause, Mancini then punctuated his return to the Baltimore Orioles with a single to center.

"It was amazing," Mancini said. "I almost teared up a little bit, I'm not going to lie, when I was up there and everybody gave me a standing ovation and I saw all the guys on the field clapping on the [Pittsburgh] Pirates, clapping in the dugout, our team and all our fans. It meant the world to me. It was a really, really cool moment and one of the favorite moments of my baseball career.

"I think it was a huge day for me, personally, getting back in a game. Just another kind of milestone that I can check off here."

Mancini hit 35 home runs in 2019 and appeared primed for bigger things, but after playing just five spring training games last year, he needed surgery for colon cancer.