After arriving out of shape at summer camp in 2020, Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. worked aggressively on his conditioning this offseason, and said he has lost 42 pounds since last July.

"I came to spring training out of shape for a couple of years," Guerrero said through a translator. "One day at my house in the Dominican I just sat down and thought about all this. I decided right then that I was going to get ready, I was going to prepare myself, I was going to work very hard for this year. I did, because my main focus is just to be ready and help the team win."

Guerrero said he now feels stronger, quicker, and more resilient.

"I worked very hard on my legs because I really wanted to trust my legs," he said. "Before, I wasn't getting to ground balls. Sometimes at the plate I couldn't stay back enough on the ball.

"I feel quicker in all aspects of my game right now," Guerrero added. "Running the bases I feel great. Before I would feel a lot of fatigue after taking ground balls. Now I can take 50, 60 ground balls and I'm feeling good."