A number of teams canceled workouts due to delays in test results on Monday and Mookie Betts expressed doubt over the start of the shortened 2020 baseball season amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"I still have my doubts, just based off what's going on," Betts said. "I'm definitely preparing the same way; I'm fully expecting to play. But that doesn't mean there aren't doubts that kinda go on when the facts aren't in front of you."

The Los Angeles Dodgers acquired Betts from the Boston Red Sox in a massive February trade.

Dave Roberts said his team has received all of its results from intake testing and that the testing "has been expedited, has been fluid" from his perspective.

"I can't say I'm that confident because I haven't been shown yet," he said. "It's kind of tough to be confident in something that hasn't proved to be foolproof. There's not a whole lot really I can do; it's out of my control. But it's in someone's control, and whoever's control it's in has to find a way to make it work or this whole operation may not be able to work."