Major League Baseball's players and managers are intrigued by the idea of being sequestered in the Phoenix area for an extended period if that means the season can be started.

A plan dictating that all 30 teams play games with no fans at stadiums in the Phoenix area, including the Diamondbacks' Chase Field, 10 spring training facilities and perhaps other nearby fields, has emerged above other options as the likeliest to work and has been embraced by MLB and MLB Players Association leadership, according to sources.

Kansas City Royals manager Mike Matheny said he would feel privileged to help the country return to a semblance of normalcy and provide an escape for fans.

"Just jump in and trust that we may not know when we'll reconnect with our families and trust that when health officials decide it's OK, we'll be able to do that," Matheny said. "But in the meantime, do something that would really help the healing process."