The Philadelphia Phillies are one of the clubs that have been linked to Kris Bryant in trade rumors this offseason.

Bryce Harper, a longtime friend of Bryant, says he isn't pushing for the Phillies to acquire Bryant from the Chicago Cubs.

"I mean, you have to have certain guys on your team that make less money to also have guys that make more money, as well. Kris, of course, you want an All-Star caliber player, but we have [Alec] Bohm," he said. "We have a big-time third baseman and we were able to get him in the draft. Of course, any time you're able to add an All-Star caliber player, you're going to want to add an All-Star player. But you have to be able to know you developed a player in the minor leagues that can also help you at third base, and Bohm could be that guy for us. He could come up and be one of the best third basemen in the second half or whatever it is. 

"But I can't give up Spencer Howard and Bohm, and possibly give up our whole future, for a year and a half of KB if we don't sign him to an extension. And I know there's a guy in there that we need to sign to an extension. I think having a guy like J.T. [Realmuto] for the next six years would help us."

Harper, who is entering the second year of a 13-year deal, is referring to two of Philadelphia's top prospects.

Bryant will make $18.6 million in 2020 before entering salary arbitration for a final time in 2021.