Major League Baseball has no plans to vacate the World Series titles won by the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox in the wake of each teams' electronic sign-stealing scandals, says Rob Manfred.

Manfred appeared on FOX Business on Wednesday, his first interview since issuing historic penalties against the Astros.

"Well, we haven't concluded our investigation with the Red Sox so it's a little hard to take the trophy away from somebody who hasn't yet been found to do something wrong," Manfred said. "We don't know what the outcome of that's going to be. The second flaw is whatever the impact of the sign-stealing was, it could've changed who was in the World Series. Absolutely unclear that the Dodgers would've been the World Series champion.

"I think there's a long tradition in baseball of not trying to change what happened. I think the answer from our prospective is to be transparent about what the investigation showed, and let our fans make their own decision about what happened."