On Wednesday night, Baltimore Orioles pitcher Richard Bleier had to be separated from Jose David Flores, the team's infield coach, over an argument about defense positioning.

It marked the second time in just three weeks that a Baltimore player and coach argued during a game.

It all started when Bleier gave up a single to Anthony Rendon and then had Juan Soto hit a grounder right off of second base. The defense was shifted to the right, and the switch backfired, as the ball made it through the infield. It very easily could have ended up as a double play to end the inning.

During his exit to the dugout, Bleier had something to say to Flores, who then had something to say back. The two had a heated exchange where it appeared Bleier said some words not allowed to be broadcasted on television.

After the game, Bleier discussed the incident, admitting he was upset at Flores for the defensive decisions made and said his emotions got the best of himself:

"I think I just let frustration kind of boil over, some stuff about some balls that I thought maybe … defensive positioning, I guess. I probably could have done better for myself to keep my mouth shut, and unfortunately, I may have said something. You guys saw the rest."