The Atlanta Braves removed Ronald Acuna, Jr. from Sunday's victory against the Los Angeles Dodgers after he stood at the plate admiring a long fly ball that did not leave the park.

Acuna was pulled before the fifth inning after failing to run out a drive off the right field wall in the third. The ball bounced off the wall for a long single. He likely would have had an easy double if he had hustled from home plate.

"He didn't run. You've got to run," Brian Snitker said. "It's not going to be acceptable here. As a teammate you're responsible for 24 other guys. That name on the front is a lot more important than the name on the back of that jersey. You can't do that. We're trying to accomplish something and do something special here and personal things have got to be put on the backburner. You just can't let your team down like that."

Snitker also said Acuna handled his decision maturely and "knew he screwed up."