Sunday's Futures Game provided a preview of the new All-Star tiebreaker rules.

The format was changed this year with the game shortened from nine to seven innings. Texas Rangers' prospect Sam Huff hit a two-run home run in the seventh to force an extra, eighth, inning.

Both teams began their at-bats in the eighth with a runner at second, the same tiebreaking system already being used in the Minor Leagues.

The same tiebreaker could come into play in the All-Star Game on Tuesday. Major League Baseball plans to implement it after the past two games went 10 innings.

"It was definitely unique, but in a situation like this, it was necessary," Washington Nationals shortstop Carter Kieboom said. "Guys need their [All-Star] break, so you can't play forever and you only have so many pitchers here.

"It definitely speeds up the game in the minor leagues. I can't really predict the future. I don't know if the game of Major League Baseball will allow it because of its history, and it would be a drastic change. Maybe teams would try harder to score in the ninth inning if it happened."