Joe Maddon is among those wondering what's going on with the baseball this season.

The Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox combined for five home runs in the first four innings of Wednesday's game despite unusually chilly weather.

"I don't know what I'm witnessing, but the way the ball is coming off the bat right now is extraterrestrial," Maddon said. "It's an E.T. thing going on out there. It's crazy. This is my fifth year [with the Cubs], and I know what I've seen. Whenever the wind is blowing in like that, you don't see that. You don't see that."

Jon Lester allowed a lead off home run to Leury Garcia.

"We can sit here and talk until we are blue in the face about the ball," Lester said. "It is what it is. Every pitcher in the big leagues has to pitch with it. You can comment on it all you want, but it just sounds like an excuse. I don't make excuses. Have to make better pitches."