Luis Severino said he wasn't rushed as he went through what he considered a normal pregame warm-up routine prior to his start against the Boston Red Sox on Monday night.

Severino, 24, said he knew exactly what time the game started and that he was adequately prepared for it, refuting claims made by Ron Darling on TBS.

"For a game like this, you have to remember what time it is," said Severino, who allowed six runs in the New York Yankees' 16-1 loss.

During the game, Ron Darling floated a question about Severino's short warm-up time, suggesting the pitcher might have arrived to the bullpen late, minutes ahead of the game's scheduled 7:40 p.m. first pitch.

As Darling spoke, cameras with a 7:32 p.m. ET timestamp showed Severino stepping onto the mound in Yankee Stadium's home bullpen. Pitching coach Larry Rothschild could be seen saying to Severino: "7:40, let's go."

Severino's first pitch was delivered at 7:42.

"It's very late for a starter to go out on the [bullpen] mound," Darling said during the broadcast.

Severino, who learned of Darling's comments when reporters entered the Yankees' clubhouse after the game, issued a terse rebuttal.

"I mean, if my pitching coach said that [it was late] to you, you can believe it. But [Darling] is not always in my bullpen, so how does he know what's going on?" Severino said. "I came out 20 minutes before the game like I usually do. I don't know why he was saying that.

"I don't know who that guy is, either."