The Baltimore Orioles attempted to trade Adam Jones to the Philadelphia Phillies earlier this year, but he blocked the deal using his 10-and-5 no-trade protection.

Afterwards, he said it was a decision he didn't have to explain to anyone.

Jones opened up to MASN Sports earlier this week.

"It just wasn't right for me. I was playing center field at the time, and they wanted me to go play right field and platoon. That was the situation there, and it's understandable," Jones said.

"That's how their roster was constructed, and that's National League ball - double-switch and all that kind of stuff. ... It wasn't the right move for me, especially going into free agency. I'm not going into free agency looking like I'm [Nolan] Arenado, [Manny] Machado or [Bryce] Harper - obviously not - but I want to continue to create and maintain my stock. Going there to platoon, obviously in a good environment, a winning environment, would've hurt me in the long run. If I was 36, 37, a little older and toward the end of it all, of course - that would've been a very ideal and smart move, because it'd make sense. ... I wish the Phillies the best, because I believe they have a really good team."