Rick Ankiel is considering a comeback to baseball as a reliever in 2019.

Ankiel is five years removed from his last Major League game and nearly 14 years from his last pitching appearance.

"I'm starting to get the itch," Ankiel said on FOX Sports Midwest. "And you know, when I take a look at pros and cons, I can make a whole list of pros. I've got nothing on the cons. Zero.

"My kids want to see me play. I'm at a place now, personally, I couldn't care less if I throw the ball off the backstop. It really doesn't matter. We've talked about it. And when you take a look at baseball, the game has swung back around to my style of pitching -- you talk about the big curveball, fastballs up. So I feel like, why not come back as a lefty reliever and put one more chapter in the book?"

Ankiel plans to take the next three to four months to get into the best pitching shape he possibly can, and "see what it feels like."