Joe Maddon engaged in a sarcastic rant on safety on Sunday morning after going off on the subject after a loss on Saturday as well.

The slide rule at second base cost the Chicago Cubs a run in Saturday's 5-3 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals.

"I have some other additions to it," Maddon said. "We should eliminate the headfirst slide. That is a dangerous slide. Your hand could [get hurt], your eye could get poked out. All these different things can occur on a headfirst slide.

"I think face masks should be mandatory for all hitters. And pitchers have been hit in the head by line drives several times, so pitchers should be forced to wear helmets."

Maddon thinks Major League Baseball has gone too far in the name of protecting players due to isolated incidents over the years.

"I have no idea why these rules are part of our game," Maddon said. "There was an out created there. That was just one out they did not have to earn. I totally, absolutely disagree with that. It has nothing to do with safety and protecting the middle infielder."

Maddon took the night to think of other ways the league can keep players safe. Face masks and no headfirst slides were just a couple of his "ideas."