There are enough outfielders on the Dodgers roster to platoon at any of the three spots, but manager Dave Roberts' perfect world apparently would have Joc Pederson and Yasiel Puig playing regularly in center and right, respectively.

"We all know Yasiel as a defender; if he's out there he can impact a game on the defensive side," said Roberts. "Now you look at at-bat quality vs. right or left. If it's consistent, there should be no reason why he wouldn't be out there virtually every day. Yasiel is very motivated, he wants to do what's best for the club. I expect him to play a lot.

"When we platoon it's about the personnel. Yasmani [Grandal] didn't hit lefties that well, so it made sense to get somebody else in there. Chase [Utley], the same thing. Do I see Joc getting more at-bats against left-handers? Absolutely. But that will be dictated on the at-bat quality."