The Chicago Cubs are confident that Addison Russell can thrive at shortstop in the Major Leagues.

Ryne Sandberg, Chicago's new community ambassador, is a Hall of Fame second baseman and has given Russell his seal of approval.

"His potential is very good," Sandberg said. "He reminds me of a young Barry Larkin, maybe. He has that kind of look and feel. He's very athletic, and he can improvise on making throws when he gets to balls. There's a little bit of an acrobat in there. But there's some steadiness with him too, which is what you want at the position."

Billy Beane, who traded Russell to the Cubs, has also invoked the Larkin comparison, whileJoe Maddon flashed back to a certain 14-time All-Star the first time he watched Russell field grounders with technical precision.

"He's one of the more efficient young infielders I've ever seen, when it comes to his movements," Maddon said. "I can only compare him to Derek Jeter. For me, Jeter had the perfect method of picking up a ground ball -- like a Gary DiSarcina. It was very simple, very boring. I think Addison fits in that category."