Adrian Gonzalez, acquired from Boston on Aug. 25, seems to be a perfect fit for Los Angeles and the Dodgers.

"Adrian has been active in the Los Angeles community since he joined the Dodgers," said Yvonne Carrasco, assistant director of public relations. "One of the first questions he asked us upon joining the club was what he could do to help LA. He wanted to jump in right away and he has. He has made several trips into the city for various events this offseason with plans to continue to make an impact throughout the season.

"At recent appearances in the Mexican-American and Latino community, we've seen that Gonzalez is greeted with overwhelming enthusiasm, closely comparable to the fan response received when Fernando Valenzuela visits with the community."

Gonzalez was born in San Diego the son of Mexican parents, then spent most of his formative years living in Tijuana before the family returned to California.