Ned Colletti doesn't agree with the notion that the Dodgers have been spending recklessly.

The Dodgers have committed more than $600 million to players over the past six months.

Colletti said the Dodgers are never "going to be reckless with what we do."

The team will have a payroll exceeding $230 million in 2013, easily a major-league record.

"Our payroll a year ago was $90 [million]," Colletti said in an interview on ESPNLA 710. "We're up over $200 [million] now. If you added it all up, it might be up over 300 [million] over two years. Had we been at 150 last year and 150 this year, nobody would be saying a word, right?

"If we were at $180 [million] last year, which is probably more conducive to our market size and how many people we draw, and we were at $210 [million] or $215 million this year, are people going to say, 'My goodness?' No. What has jostled the whole situation is we were coming from so far below the $100 million mark that it's startling to see all the changes, but that's the mindset of our owners."