Braves general manager Frank Wren is not going agree to a trade this winter just for the sake of doing so. Rumors have spread recently that Atlanta may be open to dealing right-hander Jair Jurrjens or left fielder Martin Prado in order to free up cash to pursue a shortstop and power-hitting outfielder. Last offseason, the Braves made the first big splash of the winter when they traded for second baseman Dan Uggla. Atlanta hasn't come close to trading Jurrjens or Prado and Wren found it interesting that the team has been mentioned in rumors. "I think it's interesting that our name came up, a lot of talk about us and our players," Wren said. "But the reality is that we did have a lot of discussions, primarily feeling clubs out -- we had calls and this gave us a chance to delve a little deeper into what their thoughts are and how we might match up. But I didn't feel like there was a lot of momentum to get things done at these meetings." Wren insisted that the Braves will only make a move if it will help their roster improve. They traded Derek Lowe on Oct. 31 in a salary dump-type trade. "I think that [Prado and Jurrjens trade possibility] was wrongly characterized from the very beginning," Wren said. "What we said and what we stand by is that we're looking to get better, and however we can get better we will. We're open minded. We'll listen if somebody calls. "People like our players. Yes, teams have called but it's a situation where we do like our team, we do like where we are, and you have to be careful that when you take away from it to improve it, that it really turns out that way."