The Yankees received some good news after third baseman Alex Rodriguez had an MRI on his right hip. The results indicated that the tightness Rodriguez is feeling in his groin isn't related to the hip injury that required surgery prior to the 2009 season. He has some tendinitis in his right hip flexor. "With the thoughts of last year and the second surgery, it's always a thought," Rodriguez said. "I was obviously very relieved when I got the news." Rodriguez hasn't dodged every bullet though, as the Yankees are reportedly upset with the way he handled the injury. Some team officials were "furious" with Rodriguez, according to a source, for not informing manager Joe Girardi that his groin area had tightened up after batting practice. "Would I have done anything different? I don't know," Girardi said. "I would have had to have a talk with him and see what he told me. Maybe I would have changed the lineup, but Alex thought he could go."