With the signing of Jon Garland on Tuesday, the White Sox now have five starting pitchers in the fold through 2007 -- with their best starter in the second half of last season facing the reality that his days with the team might be numbered. Jose Contreras is the only one of six potential starters who doesn't have a contract with the Sox beyond the 2006 season. While he is expected to be with the club in the upcoming season, the possibility remains that he could be traded if the Sox receive a flattering offer. General manager Ken Williams said Tuesday that the Sox' payroll stands at $95 million for next season, up from $75 million in 2005. ''If somebody wants to present an offer, we'll listen to overtures,'' Williams said. ''But at this point, where we are at, $95 million, is higher than we want it to be. But speaking to [chairman Jerry Reinsdorf], the only edict has been to win it again. Fortunately, he's allowed us some flexibility to try to do some things to do that.''